Overview of our services

Children and families experiencing the gardens and spraying fountains at Longwood Gardens, PA. Photo: Daniel Traubl.

Our approach combines thoughtful reflection and dialogue with gathering and interpreting data. We are adept at organizing disparate ideas into a coherent strategy.

Clients benefit from our extensive range of projects to design a plan of action that works specifically for their needs. We love working with creative, committed teams on projects that matter.

Experience has made us adept at guiding clients through every step of the process. We strongly believe in a collaborative approach.

Our services include:


We conduct background literature reviews, audience research, and develop and carry-out evaluations of programs, exhibitions, and visitor experiences.

We assist with interpretive planning, exhibition prototyping, and help plan and develop public programs.

We design logic models and help develop goals, research questions, and impact metrics

We conduct needs assessments, develop digital preservation plans, expand digital literacy, and guide organizations step-by-step through the process of digital transformation.