Visitor-centered planning, strategy, & evaluation

From botanic gardens to urban libraries,
digital humanities to citizen science.

A view of a museum corridor looking from behind a young boy into the space where people are walking, talking, and looking at exhibits.  Michal Parzuchowski

At HG&Co, our focus is visitor-centered planning, strategy, and evaluation. In practice, that means we work with your science or cultural organization to complete needs assessments, develop interpretative plans, convene advisory boards, perform expert reviews, and conduct front-end, formative, remedial, and summative evaluations. 


Groups of people looking up close at a glass aquarium window filled with fish. Photo by  Glenn Haertlein  on  Unsplash

HG&Co’s power and insight come from decades of working with organizations across the cultural sector on strategic adaptation and capacity building. We deliver powerful stories of change through a process that is collaborative, analytic, and drawn from deep experience.

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The HG&Co team are social scientists at heart. We use data and analysis as a compass for what works, what doesn’t, and why. We implement a rigorous evidence-based process of discovery, analysis, and research resulting in a clear roadmap for action.

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